How to Cancel Spocket Subscription in Just 5 Minutes 2024

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Are you done with Spocket and now finding ways to cancel Spocket subscription, that’s perfect because this blog post gonna in-depth article on this cancellation process.

The reason may be you used the platform but you didn’t like it pretty much or your desired need has been fulfilled and now thinking to cancel the spocket subscription well and good because in this post I will guide on how you can cancel it without facing any problem.

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Spocket is a dropshipping platform that builds a connection between eCommerce sellers & suppliers and help to sell their products in online store or website. It has simple method, it has premium quality products and you can sell them easily with fast logistics. It provides millions best of products for dropship and the suppliers you will find on this platform are verified & trusted. Alternative platforms of Spocket are Shopify and WooCommerce.

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To grow your dropshipping business this platform is useful because it also provides tools to manage your orders but it has specific charges which comes subscription term for the sellers. After all, if the platform is in no use of you then you can cancel the subscription anytime.

How to Cancel Spocket Subscription

Cancelling Spocket subscription is as easy as deleting a social media account, to cancel your Spocket subscription simply follow the below given steps.

  • First login to your Spocket Account.
  • Now, click on the setting.
  • Here you will se ‘Membership’ option.
  • After this, you will likely to see Cancel option, if you have you taken subscription.
  • Enter your password for confirmation.

If you done all this steps then soon your membership will get cancelled and you will receive confirmation mail.

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How to Cancel Spocket Subscription via email

If you are facing issues while cancelling via website then you can simply cancel your subscription by reaching out to the Spocket Customer support team and you can reach them by using their Email address.

Spocket Customer support team Email address

Compose a mail explaining that you want to cancel your Spocket subscription, after reviewing your mail they will take immediate action and your subscription will get stopped.

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How to Pause Spocket Subscription

Now this feature is great, Pausing a account your setting and imported products will be saved properly and yes your account will be active but you have taken trial, and you are trying to pause trial account then it will not work.


How smoothly we learned to cancel Spocket subscription and yes it works properly on every device. And also you got to know very well about Pause setting. Less than in 5 minutes you can cancel your Spocket Subscription or Pause your account. If in future you need this again for your eCommerce business then simply you can reactive this subscription whenever you need.

FAQs – Cancel Spocket subscription

What is Spocket Refund Policy?

Yes, it supports refund on all plans but only for 14 days from the date of purchasing the subscription.

What if I’m annual subscriber?

If you are annual subscriber of Spocket and want to cancel it but you have already paid the amount then use the plan until it gets end also you can cancel it and in the upcoming days you won’t be charged for the subscription.

What happens to my settings and products after Cancelling the subscription?

You will loose all the settings and products after cancelling the subscription and in future also you can’t retrieve.

How do I delete an order on Spocket?

If you have placed an order and now you want to delete it simply contact the spocket support team using this email address

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