How to Cancel Remi Subscription | 4 Methods 2024

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Are you finding ways to cancel Remi subscription, you came to the right place in this blog I will guide to cancel your Remi subscription through multiple ways like online, via email, by phone number, and social media. Each trick has different process for cancellation of subscription.

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Remi is a brand in the field of oral health industry where it helps the people to whiten their teeth and yes these whitening teeth kit is genuine and also it provides custom fit night guards. And also this platform is based on subscription model, known as ‘Remi club’ where you will receive new night guards in every 6 months and whitening gel in every 3 months. This Remi system people loved it because they were saving their money through this auto-shipping model.

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And as of now Remi subscription is no longer in need and you want to Cancel your Remi subscription then simply follow the below given various methods to cancel it.

How to Cancel Remi Subscription Via Online

Are you one of the premium subscriber of Remi Club, and for some reason you want to cancel your Remi subscription via website, then simply follow the below given steps.

  • First go to the official website Remi.
  • Then get login to your account.
  • Now click on the account at top-right corner and click on subscription.
  • And here you can see Remi club, Now find ‘Cancel Subscription’ click on it.
  • Now pop-up screen will appear, it will ask your confirmation for cancellation just confirm it.
  • From now you will not receive auto-shipment products and your subscription is cancelled successfully.

How to Cancel Remi Subscription Via Email

You can also cancel your Rei subscription by mailing the Remi customer support. It is simple to compose a mail. First add all your account details like your name, email, contact number, and most important order number so it will be easy for them to identify your Remi account for cancellation. The email address is

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After all this, you will receive a confirmation mail that your subscription had been cancelled successfully.

How to Cancel Remi Subscription Via phone Number

Now this is as easy as talking to a friend but in manner way, simply you have to dial at 1-800-234-1874 and representative will pickup the call, now you can give them command to cancel your Remi club subscription, your aim should be clear because they will try to change your mindset. On call they will ask your account details and order number, So this was process you can cancel your Remi subscription via call.

How to Cancel Remi Subscription Via Social Media

This very simple method were you can cancel your Remi subscription via social media accounts, yes you heard right you can subscription through their social media pages. So let’s see how it works, first visit their Instagram @RemiTribe or X @Remi_Tribe by clicking any of the links and send them a direct message for requesting to cancel Remi club subscription by providing your email address, name and order number.


So here we completed with all the four methods that works properly to cancel Remi subscription. All the methods were tested and hope you understood the full blog post. And if any difficulty you found then kindly contact us or directly comment down in the comment section.

FAQs – Cancel Remi Subscription

What is Remi refund policy?

Yes, it has refund policy but it is only valid for 60 days from the date of purchased.

Are there fees to cancel?

No, it does not charge any fees for cancellation of subscription. you can simply cancel by following the any method from the four.

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