How To Cancel Fi Collar Subscription in just 2 minutes | 3 methods 2024

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Finding ways to cancel Fi collar subscription, then you came to the right place because there are only genuine guides and processes. I’m gonna share with you three different methods to cancel a Fi Collar subscription and all the methods are easy and simple, trust me these tricks I have tested on my friends account. 

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Basically Fi Collar is a high-tech device made for dogs, and if your dog is naughty then it’s perfect for your pet. The work of this device is to keep a track of the dog using a GPS system inbuilt in the device.  

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And this device will not affect your dog in case of radiation or any other problems. Fi Collar is a subscription based device usually it charges $19/month, this subscription charge is best in comparison to other companies.

And also it provides a 30 days free trial for a new user to check whether this device fulfils your need or not. And by any chance you don’t like the product then simply you cancel fi collar subscription by this guide. 

How To Cancel Fi Collar Subscription via Online

By following this method you cancel your fi collar subscription online, these steps are very easy let’s start the guide.

  • First, open the official website of Fi collar.
  • Now login to your Fi collar account using account credentials.
  • Top right corner you will see a billing option click on it.
  • Then you get to see the Subscription option.
  • After this click on the cancel subscription option this you will get to see under the subscription option. 

How To Cancel Fi Collar Subscription on Android

Finding ways to cancel fi collar subscription on Android device then you came to the right place simply follow the below given steps for successfully cancellation of your subscription. 

  • First download the fi collar application through google play store.
  • Then sign up the into the fi collar app.
  • Now simply click on the top right corner on profile picture.
  • After this you will find payment and subscription option. 
  • Click on it then you see the cancel subscription option.
  • Then simply press on the cancel subscription.

How To Cancel Fi Collar Subscription on IOS

For IOS users process little different from android process, so if you are a IOS user then simply follow the below given steps to cancel fi collar subscription:

  • Open apple store and install the fi collar application.
  • Now sign in using your Apple ID.
  • After getting signed in you will get to see the subscription option in setting.
  • Now simply click on subscription deactivation option that means cancel fi collar subscription. 

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