How To Cancel Dot And Key Order | 3 methods

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Let’s get to the point, are you finding ways to cancel Dot and Key Order. Then you came to the right place because here I’m gonna teach you all the proven methods to cancel your order.

So basically Dot and Key is a skincare brand in the field of dermatology, like you can have any type of solution for your skin problem. This will not only solve your skin related problems but also it will nourish your skin and its product will help you to recover the damages on your skin as fast as within 6 months, it’s not described anywhere but I’ve used Dot and Key products.

How To Cancel Dicks Order in Just 2 Minutes

But once by mistake I ordered the wrong product and then I started researching how I can cancel Dot and Key Order after hours of hard work. Finally I found that methods will be shared in this blog post so hope you read the full article. 

In this article I’m gonna share three different ways to cancel Dot and Ke orders, but you have to be fast in case of the cancellation process because once the product gets shipped then you will have to pay the amount of that product. 

How To Cancel Dot And Key Order Via Phone Call

Yes, you heard right you can cancel your order by making a call to the Dot and Key. But how it will work is simple, you have to just dial on this number 8447704734 and the representative will pick up the call and he/she will ask some of your account details to proceed with the cancellation process. Remember one thing the representative will try to convince you to stop the cancellation process but you have to be strong minded in case of cancelling the Order. 

After all the process is done you will be notified that your order has been cancelled.

How To Cancel Dot And Key Order Via Whatsapp

If your order didn’t get cancelled using the 1st method then you can follow this method. These all methods are applicable only when your order is not yet shipped. Simply open your whatsapp and save this number 9674990212 in your mobile then message to this number describing your reason for cancellation like you order the wrong product or anything else as of your situation.

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After messaging to the customer service team of Dot and Key then they ask for your details and may ask you to follow some process then do properly as they direct the process. If your product gets cancelled then they will notify you on your whatsapp. 

How To Cancel Dot And Key Order Via Email

Now this is one of the simplest ways to cancel a Dot and Key order via email, in this process you just have to prepare an email describing your important details of your product order ID contact number and other details submit the email with mentioning a valid to cancel the order.

Once your email is checked by the customer service team then you will be notified that your order has been cancelled successfully. 

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