How To Cancel Dicks Order in Just 2 Minutes

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Hey, what is up? This article will be going crazy because in this we have given some amazing stuff and, one thing that this technique is highly unique and is shared here only. You will not find this anywhere else except here. Just cancel Dicks order in just less then 2 minutes.

So, basically Dick’s is a famous sporting brand. It offers footwear and clothing for the sports person as well as the common people. But the thing is once you order stuff from this store or website it can’t be cancelled or returned as per their terms and conditions. 

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Apart from this cancellation process, the dick’s sporting goods they provide are free store pickup and same day delivery  which is a good thing but how you will cancel dicks goods if you ordered by mistake, so here the guide on how to cancel dicks order. In such a simple way we have elaborate the cancellation process so you can easily cancel it. 

How To Cancel Dicks Order

As per Dicks terms and conditions if once you have placed an order then it can’t be cancelled or returned. But what if I say you can!! Yes you heard right just now I told you you can cancel also and return too. Just follow the below given guide and keep on scrolling. 

Cancelling the Dicks order isn’t a rocket science which you can’t do, it’s simple, but you should be aware of the tutorial. 

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Here’s a good thing for you that you can cancel the dicks order, But the rule is within 30 minutes of the order being placed. What it means is that the order cancellation option is available from the time you ordered the stuff from dicks by contacting dicks customer support service team dial on  1-877-846-9997.  

And by bad luck you missed the cancellation time, so don’t worry, you still have a chance to cancel the order by returning it to the store. 

How to Return Dicks Products?

Now how you will do this process, is it sounds hard or difficult to return dicks products the answer is simple this process is also simple and easy. 

You can return Dicks sporting goods very easily just follow the guide carefully and step by step. 

In simple terms, to return Dicks goods all you need is your bill and just visit the nearest store of Dicks sporting goods from your house and explain the reason for returning the product and as a proof they will ask to enter your billing zip code and confirmation number. After submitting all the details of the purchased product your order will be returned. That’s how simple the process is, hope you understand the guide. 


In this post we give you the best guide to cancel dicks order and hope you understood all the steps very well. Easy and simple as I said in the beginning of the article and there’s nothing very tough to do. So, was the cancellation process and by any chance if this doesn’t work for you then simply comment down your problem I will try to solve it. But given tutorials are tested which resulted in a successful result. 

FAQs – Cancel Dicks Order

Dicks Sporting Good Customer Care Number?

The Dicks sporting good customer care number is 1-877-846-9997.

How to Cancel Dicks Order?

You can cancel your dicks order by just contacting their customer care number 1-877-846-9997. And give the details which representative ask you for the cancellation process.

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