How to Cancel Snap Fitness Membership – 2 Minutes Method 2024

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Hello Friends! Welcome back to another masterpiece guide one question always comes in mind can we cancel snap fitness membership the answer simple YES you can cancel it anytime but it is recommended to cancel within 14 days period.

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Here you will find multiple ways to cancel the snap fitness membership with simple and fast methods.

How to Cancel Snap Fitness Membership in Person

This method is offline you can cancel your snap fitness membership by visiting the official clubs. It require some simple and easy steps, cancelling this membership differs from club to club and yes it depends on the terms and condition.

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You can directly visit the snap fitness club to know the cancellation process and further details and they will guide you the procedure of cancellation and you can go their during staff TS.

How to Cancel Snap Fitness Membership via Calling

Now you can cancel snap fitness membership via calling and dial at 877-474-5422 after this representative will pick up the call and now request for the cancellation talk with them properly and ask them to start the procedure.

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They will ask some of your details like your account and billing and provide correct information whatever they ask you. By any chance if your account have any pending dues they will notify you and after all this process they will ask you to write letter for cancellation if they ask you then only otherwise on call is enough.

How to Cancel Snap Fitness Membership via Email

By sending the email is another way to cancel the snap fitness membership, Now you have to write a letter with proper intent of cancellation by providing full account & billing details you letter tone should be like request.

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Also mention the date of writing the mail now this email at With in 48 hrs you will receive an confirmation mail in reply from snap fitness that your membership has been cancelled successfully.

Can you get refund from snap fitness ?

If you sign up for full membership and you do not notice an improvement in your physical and mental health within 1 month then it has a option you can cancel your membership with a full refund or money back by using this method you can cancel your snap fitness membership.


So in this guide we shared multiple ways to cancel snap fitness membership like via offline, phone number, email, and another one. All the methods are proven and working many people have cancelled their membership by following the above given guide.

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