How To Cancel EOS Membership 2024 – 4 Easy METHODS

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Sometime it becomes very difficult to cancel a fitness membership, by looking this problem we came up with super easy solution via multiple guides on how to cancel EOS membership.

EOS is a fitness chain gym system based on multiple location in U.S.A and yes it is very popular among teenagers they have a different level of craze about gym & fitness but after taking a membership their all the excitement falls down and then they try to cancel the membership. So, here we go for the cancellation guide.

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How To Cancel EOS Membership via App

Cancelling your EOS membership via App is not tough follow the steps given below.

  • First install EOS fitness App in your device and login using your id credentials.
  • Now, simply go to the top right corner click on the profile icon.
  • Then here you will see manage membership.
  • Simply click on it then you will see cancel EOS fitness membership.
  • Sometime it gets cancelled in 30 minutes & sometime it didn’t work, also try the below given methods for cancellation of your membership.

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Cancel EOS Membership Phone Number

To cancel your EOS membership via phone number is quiet easy and simple, just dial on this number 877-827-9262 and EOS representative will pickup the call and then talk about membership cancellation. They will ask some questions regarding cancellation like why you want to cancel the membership reason, as you can say directly that I don’t want to be no more member of EOS that’s it. After this it will hardly take 60 minutes to cancel your membership.

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How to Cancel EOS Membership Fitness via Email

Terminate your membership via email to EOS fitness and it is very easy to do. Let’s start the official email id of EOS fitness is now compose a proper email like your contact details, your name, your membership id, your membership plan, and the reason of cancelling the membership.

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EOS Membership Contacts

EOS fitness toll-free number (877) 564-6367.

Customer service number (602) 368-1221 & (682) 900-3436.

Email ID


Cancelling your EOS fitness membership plan is quiet difficult but not that hard, if you want to cancel your EOS membership simply follow the any method which we have shared above. If you found difficult while in the process just comment down or else directly contact us.

FAQs – Cancel EOS Fitness Membership

EOS Membership Cancellation Fee?

Cancellation fee depends upon your membership plan and your club location. Yes, your club location decides your cancellation fee and mainly we can say the average cost is somewhere between $10-$15.

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