Lamona Dishwasher How to Use Lamona Dishwasher

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Hello, if you have purchased lamona dishwasher an stunning high-tech dish-washer machine and you are finding on the internet lamona dishwasher how to use then you have come to right place here you will get whole guide to use with proper instructions, cleaning process, some cautions and with downloading manual. Each and everything is explained in a very simple method for your better understanding.

Installation Process of Lamona Dishwasher

  • Please follow these installation instructions in order to assemble and install your your lamona dishwasher machine easily and correctly.
  • First you have to unbox your dishwasher properly without getting any damage and check everything properly their should not be any transportation damage and if you found something like this contact your supplier immediately. 
  • Never and ever install an damaged dishwasher if it is contact you supplier.
  • And remember one thing your dishwasher installer should be expert of that field. 
  • If you get repair & service work from an unauthorised agent then this will lead to cancellation of your guarantee.

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Lamona Dishwasher How to Use

Operating an dishwasher is not difficult but if you are beginner then may be tough for you. Don’t worry in this article you will be fully satisfied, the step by step guide is simple and practical. 

Before getting into the process these are some cautions please follow these:-

  • Remove large & heavy scraps food from the dishes before placing in the dishwasher.
  • Place the large and heavy soiled items in the lower basket. 
  • Place small and light items in upper basket.
  • Place forks, small and medium size knives and spoon in the cutlery basket.
  • Place tall and narrow items in the middle of the basket

5 Easy Steps to Use Lamona Dishwasher

Make sure before using the machine you have followed the cautions which is mentioned above. 

  • Place all the utensils, dishes and (small items spoon, knives, fork) in lower basket, upper basket and cutlery basket respectively. 
Lamona Dishwasher How to Use
  • Make sure before starting the machine you have put the salt in salt container and rinse in its container to get a proper idea observe the image mentioned below and also insert a finish power ball in its container.
Lamona Dishwasher where to put Salt
  • Then connect to electricity and switch on the power button and choose the program at which specific level you want to wash the machine in my case i like to wash my dishes on P2 level. In your case you can choose any program level looking at your food scraps dishes. For your better understanding I have mentioned the program level table below with full details.
lamona dishwasher control panel
lamona dishwasher control panel
  • At the end close the door and wait for 30-40 minutes (note:- if you open the door in between the machine will stop working and after closing again it will continue from where it was stopped. 
  • Now open the door and it will release some steam and be careful while getting out the dishes from dishwasher because it will be little hot. 
  • Note:- While washing the dishes you will listen some beating noise once its finished.

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Lamona Dishwasher where to put Salt?

If you are confuse where to put salt then continue the reading, follow this put the salt in salt container respectively for better idea observe the below given image.

Lamona Dishwasher where to put Salt

How to Reset Lamona Dishwasher?

Below I have mentioned two ways to reset lamona dishwasher it is simple and practical and also if you didn’t get it then you can watch the video. 

  • It is the most simple and easiest way to reset your dishwasher just press and hold the start/cancel button for several seconds will reset the cycle and it will work definitely, if not so then you may follow the second way.
  • Second way to reset your dishwasher is turn off the dishwasher and unplug the machine from electricity press and hold the start button and turn it on and keep it held in for several seconds. Now turn the dishwasher back off and then retry it see what happens and let me know. 

How to Clean Lamona Dishwasher

Remember one thing their are three main filter in you lamona dishwasher machine and it is important to clean all 3 filters on time. 1.Main filter, 2.Coarse filter, 3.Micro filter.

How to Clean Lamona Dishwasher
  • Remove filter assembly by turn micro/coarse filter anti-clockwise. 
  • Lift the micro/coarse and main filter out. 
  • Clean all the three filter under running tap water using brush and do this process smoothly. 
  • After cleaning process of filters, turn micro/coarser filter clockwise until a clicking sound is heard. 

Lamona Dishwasher Manual

If you want to download lamona dishwasher manual you can download in just one click from the below given button and in that their will be each and everything guide for your better understanding manual pdf is given below. And follow only manuals instructions not from unauthorized sites. 

Conclusion:- Through the article I tried to explained lamona dishwasher how to use at best level you feel & understand this just let me know through comment. If you have some more query related to lamona dishwasher or anything else just comment down. 


Q. How do you turn on a Lamona dishwasher?

Ans. Plug in the dishwasher into the electricity and click on start button and that’s how lamona dishwasher gets turn on.

Q. How do you use a dishwasher machine?

Ans. 1. Load the dishes removing heavy food scrapes and in upper and lower basket as per instructions mentioned in manual.

2. Put salt in salt container and rinse in its container.

3. And choose the program level as per your dishes condition and quantity.

4. Now close the door for atleast 30-40 minutes. 

Q. Which mode is best in dishwasher?

Ans. In my case i use to prefer P2 program level usually it takes 30-40 minutes, but it will depend on your dishes food scraps condition and quantity. 

Q. How do I know if my dishwasher is working?

Ans. While starting the dishwasher the dishwasher machine will make beating noise sound if it is same for your machine congrats your dishwasher is working.

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