How To Cancel Seek HD Subscription 3 Proven Methods 2024

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So here we go, what is up guys? I know you came here to cancel your seek HD subscription. Before that lets understand why people are cancelling their subscription, and most of the people cancelling their seek HD subscription for these reasons.

The reason should be anything but you should be aware of it. In this I’m gonna share 4 effective methods to cancel your seek HD subscription, As this article will be covering in-depth details of your query on how to cancel seek HD subscription. 

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Lets get it, what does seek HD do? It is an amazing platform where you can spot anyone globle by entering their name, number and address isn’t it amazing. 

Now, if we talk about the reason it could be anything depending upon their problems or maybe they don’t have time to use this platform then why should they pay for it, or another reason maybe they don’t have money for the subscription. There will be 100s of reasons behind so get to the point, here we share the  top 3 effective ways to cancel your seek HD subscription. 

How To Cancel Seek HD Subscription – 1st Method

Cancelling your seek HD subscription isn’t too hard to cancel. There are several ways to cancel it. One of the easiest ways to cancel your subscription is this. In this simply you have to login to your account in settings you will find customer support team, click on it the new interface will open you will see their cancel your subscription by submitting cancelling request to our customer support team.

Cancel Seek HD subscription

In this you just have fill a form in that they will be asking your name, email address and phone number and just below this one more question will be asked that you can see in above given screenshot they will ask how can we help click on it and find request for cancellation, after that briefly write your request and the most important your reason should be valid and describe your problem why you want to cancel your seek HD subscription. 

How To Cancel Seek HD Subscription via email- 2nd Method

Here’s the simplest way to cancel your seek HD subscription via email, yes you heard correctly you can cancel your subscription via email by just sending mail on the official seek HD customer support email address. Now the question is what you will describe or write in the mail, So before act like you are sending a request and then start to write.

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First write your details like name, email address and phone number and everything through that they can your account for cancellation so write it carefully. After this describes the reason why you want to cancel your seek HD subscription, you can write the reasons I have mentioned in the start of the article or else you can write on your own why you don’t want to be the paid subscriber of the seek HD. 

How To Cancel Seek HD Subscription Online – 3rd Method

First I thought that this method you all might know, But I have to write a detailed article so I covered this step too cause you should be aware and its depends on you that which method is easy, so you can follow.

Let’s start in this you just have to log in to your account by entering your email and password which you have set and once you login to your account click on the my account then simply choose your membership plan you have bought and you are willing to cancel it and then you will find change my plan after this just click on the cancel my membership

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So here we complete the tutorial to cancel seek HD subscription. In this article we guide you 3 different ways to cancel your seek HD membership in the very simplest ways that you can follow blindly and easily. Hope you understand the guide perfectly so you can perform well by doing practically. 

FAQs – Cancel Seek HD Subscription

How do I cancel my seek membership?

Log in to your account by entering email address and password
Then go to my account
Then select your membership plan 
Then click on change plan 
Then simply click on the cancel membership

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