Moya App Sassa 350 | Download Latest Version To Check Sassa SRD R350

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Hey everyone – Have you applied for SRD R350 grant if not then you have reached to right place for your problems related to sassa SRD R350.

Before this you may go to official website of SASSA for SRD R350 application or anything related to it, else you visit the office of the sassa SRD for R350 requirements but now you can easily have your work done in minutes through Moya App for Sassa SRD R350.

In this article you will gonna explore some new things and process on Moya App. Kindly read the full article to gathered more and more information about Moya App.

What is Moya App Sassa 350?

Moya App Sassa – Instant messaging app for all the users around the world, it is one of the fastest growing app around the world. And also it is a datafree app which means you can use this app without any data but you will need data to download and install it in your phone and then you can use without any data.

Moya App Sassa 350

While using your data should be ON, it doesn’t consume data may other apps use but will not. The moya app sassa is new and latest app for communication it was developed by datafree africa pty ltd for android and IOS users that they can easily send datafree text message or voice notes without any hotspot and data.

Apart from all this stunning features it also supports SASSA it means in this south african people can easily check their details of sassa srd r350 and they can update their details or names, change, reconsiderate and many more function are provided for south african users.

Download Moya App Sassa 350

Moya app sassa – This application is very useful, through this application you can easily check your Sassa SRD R350 application status.

Moya App

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And also this Moya app is DataFree app which means you can use this app without any requirement of data.

How do i with Moya App Sassa 350?

One of the main reason to develop this moya app is for SASSA SRD R350 for african peoples. Sassa stands for south african social security agency – was created by south africa government in april 2005, the aim to create this agency was to distribute social grants.

It gives to login by using your cell phone number and Id number.
You can easily apply for sassa grants.
You can easily check your grant status that too datafree.

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Information of Moya App Sassa

SUPER-FAST and SUPER-FREE instant messaging app for south african’s they can message, text, video call that too datafree. Looking for best user-interface app then this is one of the stunning app for messaging and many more features.

The moya app growth rate is unbelievable its growing very fast because users are loving this app very much. It has a good user support through helpline number or customer care number.

Installation processes is simple but we have given guide to install and download the moya app. Overall moya app is a multi-tasking application and best thing about this app that it is datafree app 1st instant datafree messaging app around the world.

Features of Moya App Sassa 350

  • You can send unlimited messages and voice notes.
  • This app will work without any data.
  • As we told you this app is multi-tasking, so you can browse many thing that too datafree.
  • MoyaPay– This features is best till now i think so, because using this MoyaPay you can pay money, or get paid, transfer, EFT, withdraw cash and also you can buy data, you can pay for your electricity bill and etc.
  • Group Chat– You can create unlimited groups and you also their is no limitation for group chat that too datafree. Group chat is faster service on moya app less than a second our message will be sent to all the group members without any data cost.
  • Message Attachments– This feature is fully supported in Moya App, using this feature you can attach photos, videos, documents, live and current location [Disclaimer – for this you will need data] .
  • End-To-End Security – That means whenever personal messages are sent that message becomes automatically encrypted by the sender and that message will be decrypt only by the receiver. Even communication service facility provider can’t access the content of the message. It provides high-level privacy, in which unauthorized access can’t interrupt the communication process.
  • Contacts SYNC Automatically– It SYNC your contacts to add your friends, only those will be added who is on Moya app. That means it connects your friends and family contact number on moya app without any searching efforts this is how this moya app is magical.
  • Always Logged-in it means you will be always logged-in moya app so you can’t miss a important message or any update. Whether you will be online or offline the messages will be save so you can check easily without any problem. From this you can see your message anytime without any tension.
  • Offline Messages – If your mobile phone is switch off, and that time someone has sent you an message that message will be saved on your device, so later you can checkout all your messages.
  • User-Interface – If we talk about UI of the Moya app than it is too good ultra smooth and UI is designed simple for better understanding so any beginner can use the app without getting any trouble.

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Which Mobile networks are currently working with Moya App Sassa 350

Moya app is a user-friendly solutions which allows you to check your SRD status without any data chargers. This feature is specially available for those users who are using MTN, Cell C, Vodacom and telkom like major networks.

This functionality helps you to access as per real-time updates without disturbing any data limit. To check your SASSA status through data-free apps like Moya, it is necessary that your mobile data is on. This step is very important so that the app works properly and you get accurate and timely information about the status of your application.

Through this data-free access, Moya not only simplifies the process of checking SASSA status but also provides an inclusive experience, making critical information accessible to a wider audience without any additional data costs.

How To Download Moya App Sassa 350

I will suggest you to download the Moya app Sassa from a trusted source because of data privacy and ofcourse we will mention the original website to download Moya app and also you can download the moya app simply by following the instructions.
Search on google

  1. Scroll down and you will find download button
  2. Simply click on the download button after reading its all features and all.
  3. The moya app will be soon install in your mobile phone.
  4. This is how you can download moya app sassa in few steps.

How To Create Account on Moya App Sassa 350

To create account on Moya app simply you have to register by filling your name and cell phone number or if you are already users of it then you can go for login account. This is how you can register your account in a very simple steps.

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